A Message To You, Tribfest!

The Extra Specials are ready to get you all stomping your feet to that rocksteady beat!

How can you not like The Specials (Official)?!? With songs that transcend generations and an absolute Tribfest favourite.

The Extra Specials, are a tribute to this great band and a 2 Tone and ska revival band formed in the North East of England.

Their music combines a “danceable ska and rocksteady beat with punk’s energy and attitude”.

Audiences literally find it impossible to stand still while the lads perform their set of classics from ‘Too Much Too Young’ to ‘Message To You Rudi’.

Tribfest! The best and biggest family festival in the world! Bring your friends, bring your family and let’s have a dance!

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‘Ooh, yeah, you’re amazing! We think you’re incredible!’

Them Heavy People are coming to the VIP Big Top to show us just how beautiful they are!

It is no easy task to replicate the almighty Kate Bush, given that she did a lot of production work in the creation of her songs. Them Heavy People take great care in the rehearsal process to bring Kate’s songs alive (many of which have never been performed by Kate herself in a live situation), and samples of some of the actual records have been used to give authentic sounds on the keyboards.

Nadine has an uncanny vocal resemblance to Kate, using her natural voice to give note perfect renditions of classic hits, album tracks and fan favourites. Backed by seasoned professionals under the musical direction of Dave on the Bass, the band never fail to delight audiences with their interpretations that closely resemble the original recordings. The show has a strong visual element, using projections behind the band, as well as many iconic costumes that all come together to bring a show that is very close to seeing the real Kate herself.

‘A must-see for any Kate fans.’

Tribfest, the biggest and best tribute music festival for all the family to enjoy!

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‘Introducing the Celtic Soul Brothers’……The Dexy’s Tribute Band are back

For their third year in a row and the third time’s a chime!

The world’s only Dexy’s Midnight Runners Tribute band. This is a full blown, 10-piece HUGE sound, faithfully re-creating the halcyon days of all incarnations of Kevin Rowlands imagination including a 3 piece horn section, banjo, accordion, organ, piano, guitar, bass, fiddle, and drums.

Once seen never forgotten, and a fistful of songs that will take you back to the days when you were Searching For the Young Soul Rebels!!! Now for the caper.

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‘Please, please, please, let me get what I want!’ We heard your cries, so here you go….

The Smiths Ltd – The Smiths Tribute Band are back for another spellbinding performance for Tribfest 2019. With an authenticity and provenance that’s hard to beat are the Smiths Ltd are the ultimate tribute.

If you never saw The Smiths then this is your chance to experience the thrill of those great songs played live. If you were lucky enough to see them first time around then prepare to relive that excitement again.

The Smiths meant everything to a generation… To us they still do.

Now lets hear what their fans have to say!

“Brilliant Smiths tribute band, they are amazing!” – Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets)

“The Smiths Ltd are probably the best tribute act going in the UK today.” – Quays News

“The Smiths Ltd are a class act. They are indistinguishable from The Smiths.” – North West End

“I may have missed The Smiths the first time around, but after last night’s show I felt that I was really there back in 1983!” – The Hype Media

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The Sultans of Swing are coming back to Tribfest 2019!

The Straits UK are made up of five musicians all with a passion for delivering quality music and performance every time.

Residing in the North East of England, the idea to form a tribute to dIRE sTRATS originated with the frontman and drummer, who happen to be father and son. They have both been life long Dire Straits fans, meaning attention to detail is second to none.

Performing all the hits from The Dire Straits back catalogue, with authenticity that has been likened to ‘listening to the real thing’ by many.

Come experience and re-live the unmistakable guitar and keyboard sounds of the Alchemy, Wembley ’85, On Every Street tours and much more!

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‘Mr. Saturday night special” at Tribfest on a Sunday….

Aynt Skynyrd have a philosophy on recreating the songs of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band the world has seen, and it’s a simple ethos……

Don’t play it…. Feel it!

In their 12th year now, they have toured up and down the UK, playing all sorrs of gigs from festivals to bike rallys and everything in betweeen. But one thing that is consistent is htier commitment to creating a genuine sound.

They are a self-proclaimed fully disfunctioning awesome rock’n’roll band. Still playing it tlike they stole it (thanks mad Andy), still bickering like school boys (and girls) and still chasing that dream.

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Tambourines at the ready.

The Absolute Stone Roses are ready to start the show for Tribfest 2019. Guaranteed to get us warmed up, whatever the weather!

The Absolute Stone Roses are a Tribute Band to the Manchester legends The Stone Roses. Their aim is to recreate that iconic sound and vibe that you get at a Stone Roses concert and bring it to live audiences all over the UK and Europe.

The Absolute Stone Roses play an awesome set of all the best roses material.

Expect to hear all the classics Waterfall, Made of Stone, Resurrection, I Wanna Be Adored, Fools Gold, Love Spreads and many more.

If you’ve never seen the real deal or want to re-live your youth or feel that vibe then The Absolute Stone Roses will take you on a trip with the attitude and baggy fashion to boot.

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